Vintage Cartier Big C Sunglasses | A Timeless Eyewear Icon

Cartier's - C Decor Frames: A Timeless Eyewear Icon


Cartier's - C Decor Frames, also known as Big C or Piccadilly rimless frames, have cemented their status as one of the most iconic designs in eyewear history. These frames embody the elegance and style that the Cartier brand represents, with the unmistakable capital C on the temple, symbolizing the House of Cartier. In this comprehensive article, we'll go over the differences between the older and newer versions of these Big C sunglasses, provide valuable tips for purchasing and customizing them to suit your tastes, and address the most common concerns and misconceptions surrounding these coveted eyewear .

Old vs. New: The Differences

Cartier frames have evolved over the years, undergoing subtle changes that deserve to be explored. Knowing the differences between the older and the newer versions can help you make an informed decision when choosing your ideal glasses.

The vintage Cartier Big C sunglasses

The vintage Big C sunglasses featured a more prominent letter C on each arm. Available exclusively in gold or platinum plating, these frames exuded luxury and sophistication. On the older version, the screws that attached the frame to the glass were slightly smaller. A prominent feature of the old frames was the pointed bridge, a unique detail that set them apart from other collections.

The new version of the Cartier Big C sunglasses

The newer version of the Cartier Big C sunglasses introduces an edgier approach to the design of the letter C, reminiscent of a love heart. Although the new frame features a less prominent C compared to its predecessors, it retains the recognition factor for those familiar with the Cartier brand. The bridge of the new frames has a smoother and thicker profile and is very popular with customers. Also, the screws that attach the frame to the lens and the joints are slightly more pronounced in the new version.

Choosing and customizing your Cartier sunglasses

When purchasing your Cartier glasses, it is important to consider the customization options that allow you to transform the glasses into a unique design. Here are some valuable tips to guide you through the customization process:

change shape

Choosing a custom lens shape can have a significant impact on the overall look of your glasses. Embrace your individuality and experiment with unique or creative shapes that complement your personal style and facial structure. By deviating from traditional shapes, you can create a truly distinctive look.

Choose a lens tint

Your choice of tint allows you to personalize your Cedar Cartier setting while enhancing its functionality. From a slight 25 percent tint to a full sunglass tint, there are a range of options to suit your preferences. Choosing a tint not only gives a customized look, but also contributes to the overall usability of the eyewear by protecting against glare and harmful UV rays.

Keep in mind that these frames are designed to reflect the timeless aesthetic of the House of Cartier, although customization offers many possibilities. Going for overly unconventional shapes can detract from the statement look you intended. Instead, opt for classic, sophisticated shapes that complement Cartier's design ethos.

Dealing with common misconceptions: The Cartier logo on the lens

A common discussion among Cartier frame owners revolves around the Cartier logo on the lens. When you buy Cartier eyewear off the shelf, the logo is there to show that it is a Cartier creation. However, once you customize your glasses, they go from being a Cartier creation to being your own. Zeiss, the lens manufacturer for most of Cartier's sunglasses

The Seekers Customizing

Individual glass shapes, including different glass tints, can be manufactured in our master workshop on request.

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