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Vintage Gerald Genta Sunglasses - model GG04

Gerald Genta's GG04 sunglasses are a remarkable piece from the collection of the renowned designer, known for his exceptional work in the watch industry. These special sunglasses embody the same elegance and precision that Gerald Genta became famous for in his watchmaking creations. With its vintage charm and modern finesse, the GG04 not only stands for style, but also for unmistakable luxury.

The most striking feature of the GG04 sunglasses is undoubtedly the 24k hard gold plating, which gives it an exquisite and distinctive look. This high-quality gold plating not only provides an impressive shine, but also provides an additional layer of protection that increases the longevity of the glasses.

The connection between the iconic watch designs of the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet and the Nautilus by Patek Philippe with the vintage GG04 sunglasses by Gerald Genta is not only given by the designer himself, but also reflects his revolutionary approach to the design and aesthetics of luxury goods contrary. Gerald Genta, the spiritual father of these legendary watches, brought his unique vision and innovative spirit to the world of accessories, which is reflected in the exquisite design of the GG04 sunglasses.


- Size: 56[]19 | 145
- Made in France in the 1990s
- Custom sun protection lenses BiColor (gray/rose)
- Condition: Pre-Owned - very good

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