Collection: Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses

Yoji Yamamoto

is one of the most well-known Japanese fashion brands and launched a range of iconic sunglasses in the 90s. To this day, these glasses are highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses

from the 90s are characterized by their avant-garde design and high-quality workmanship. The glasses usually have a distinctive shape inspired by classic 50's sunglasses. The lenses are often tinted and offer a high level of UV protection.

Made in Japan

Another characteristic of Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses from the 90's is that they were made in Japan. This underscores the brand's focus on craftsmanship and quality. The materials used to manufacture the glasses are also of the highest quality. Finely polished acetate frames and durable metal parts were often used.


While Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses from the 90's are highly sought after, they are also rare and hard to find. Because they were produced in limited quantities, they have become collector's items and can be traded at high prices.

Timeless design

Overall, Yohji Yamamoto sunglasses from the '90s are a timeless example of the brand's design artistry and a coveted piece of fashion history. If you're lucky enough to find one, it's a valuable piece to keep in your collection.