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CARTIER | 2320893

CARTIER | 2320893

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Vintage Cartier Sunglasses - Model 23208993

The vintage Cartier sunglasses are characterized by their acetate frame in a classic tortoise pattern. This design is not only timeless but also versatile as it suits every occasion and outfit.

What really sets the vintage Cartier sunglasses, model 23208993 , apart are the delicate details in 22 carat gold. These accents are not only a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each pair, but also add a touch of elegance and luxury to the glasses. Gold detailing is carefully applied to the temples and frame to create a subtle but unmistakable shine.

The exclusivity of the rare: As a super rare edition, the vintage Cartier sunglasses, model 23208993 , are a sought-after collector's item. Their rarity makes them not only an exclusive fashion statement, but also a valuable investment. Connoisseurs and collectors know that wearing these glasses not only expresses style, but also a deep understanding of the culture and history of luxury fashion.


- Size: 53[]19 | 130
- Made in France in the 1990s
- Condition: Pre-Owned - very good

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