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Vintage Cartier Sunglasses | Model: C-Decor Bubinga Wood

The vintage Cartier C-Decor glasses with Bubinga wooden temples from the early 1990s are a particularly elegant and finely crafted model. It is one of Cartier's first, rarest and most expensive rimless designs. The special feature of these glasses is the use of rare Bubinga wood for the temples, which is artfully connected to the gold-plated core frame. The back of the nose bridge is also embossed with the Cartier serial number and logo in gold plating. The gold parts of the vintage Cartier C-Decor glasses are gold-plated with 22-carat gold. This type of gold plating is characteristic of many vintage Cartier models and gives the glasses an additional touch of luxury and exclusivity. Various other vintage Cartier models from the 1990s also feature this 22-karat gold plating

Bubinga wood is a popular imported African hardwood valued not only for its unusual name but also for its strength and beauty. It is similar to rosewood and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. Bubinga wood, which comes primarily from the western zones of Africa, is known for its detailed grain, interesting tones and impressive durability. It is a heavy, strong and hard wood with a light red to wine-red core color and is characterized by good workability, high dimensional stability and resistance to fungal and insect attack. The high quality and rarity of Bubinga wood contribute to making it a sought-after and expensive material. These factors, combined with the renowned Cartier brand, explain the exclusivity and high value of the vintage Cartier C-Decor glasses from the 90s.

In summary, the vintage Cartier C-Decor glasses with Bubinga wooden temples from the 1990s combine exquisite design, high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, making them a sought-after collector's item and a symbol of luxury.


- Size: 54[]18 | 140
- Made in France in the 1990s
- Custom gradient lenses (green)
- Condition: Pre-Owned - like new

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