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Casanova-Octagon CLC 2

Casanova-Octagon CLC 2

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Custom Casanova CLC 2 Sunglasses

Casanova glasses are the result of a combination of the latest technology and craftsmanship, made by skilled artisans in Venice. Owning a pair of Casanova glasses means owning a unique piece of Italian craftsmanship and a timeless accessory that will stand the test of time.

The Casanova CLC 2 sunglasses are stylish and fashionable sunglasses that immediately catch the eye with their cool industrial look and red and black decorative elements. The industrial look of the frame gives the sunglasses a unique character and sets them apart from other models. The colored decorative elements provide these sunglasses with additional dynamic and energy. The combination of these colors and elements makes the Casanova CLC sunglasses a stunning accessory that perfectly complements any outfit.


- Size: 48[]20 | 140
- made in Italy (Venezia) - 1985
- custom UV sunglasses lenses (blue)
- Condition: Vintage - very good
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