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Gianni Versace | MOD. S 72

Gianni Versace | MOD. S 72

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Vintage Gianni Versace Sunglasses - Model S72

Vintage Gianni Versace sunglasses, model S72, are a timeless masterpiece made in Italy in the 1990s. These exclusive sunglasses embody the unique style and craftsmanship of legendary designer Gianni Versace.

The Gianni Versace S72 model is a pair of sunglasses that draws attention with its unmistakable style. The design combines elegant lines with eye-catching details such as the Versace Medusa logo on the temples.

The sunglasses embody the fashion trend of the 90s, which was shaped by many celebrities and fashion icons. Stars like Elton John and Madonna wore them with pride and made them a symbol of the zeitgeist of the time. Thus, the Gianni Versace sunglasses - model S72 - became a popular accessory among the fashion icons of the 90s.


- Size: 50[]18 | 140
- Made in Italy - 1990s
- Partial hard gold plating
- Condition: pre owned - very good

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