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Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses - Model 58-6102

The Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses Model 58-6102 is a remarkable piece in the world of vintage eyewear fashion. J ean Paul Gaultier's vintage glasses, including model 58-6102, are known for their originally shaped frames and represent the classic Gaultier style, characterized by exciting and unconventional shapes. These sunglasses are now often referred to as "STEAMPUNK Shades", indicating their distinctive design.

These sunglasses were released in 1997 and are now over 25 years old. These are not retro, but original pieces from this era, making them a real rarity and collector's item. The Jean Paul Gaultier 58-6102 sunglasses have been worn by notable celebrities, increasing their appeal and status in the fashion world.

For example:

Quavo from Migos: Quavo, a member of the hip-hop trio Migos, was spotted wearing Jean Paul Gaultier 58-6102 sunglasses. His choice of these sunglasses highlights their appeal in the hip-hop and fashion community, combining vintage style with modern trends.

Chris Brown: Chris Brown, a prominent figure in the music industry and known for his fashion sense, has also been spotted wearing these iconic sunglasses. His choice of the 58-6102 model further highlights the wide appeal of Jean Paul Gaultier's vintage designs among celebrities.

The association of these sunglasses with celebrities like Quavo and Chris Brown not only reflects their style, but also cements their status as a fashion statement in the celebrity world. Your choice of this particular model demonstrates the enduring influence and appeal of Jean Paul Gaultier's designs in contemporary culture.


- Size: 53[]20 | 135
- Made in Japan 1997
- Condition: Pre-Owned - very good

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